... and now it will change YOURS TOO. Imagine seeing results like these:

"I think I legit actually feel excited about baby for the first time my entire pregnancy instead of thinking about it in logistical terms!"

- T1D client

"My endo appt went well this morning! A1C was 4.7 down from 4.9 last visit!"

- T1D client

"Thank you so much!!! You gave me exactly what I needed today. The books I have aren't as good as your advice..."

- Maternity client


Step 1

Build Confidence to trust your Body.

Develop awareness of beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns that limit us with T1D autoimmune health & pregnancy. Internalize the steps and mindset shifts that are required to have a healthy pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and experience success with breastfeeding. Create a daily practice to heal emotionally and overcome the mental obstacles that are holding us back. This is SO NEEDED for all-around health.

Step 2

Promote Optimal Nutrition with T1D/autoimmune diagnoses for Fertility/ Pregnancy.

Understand what foods are shown to aggravate inflammation/cause blood sugar spikes and drops (and accompanying autoimmune diagnoses). Promote balance within meals to stabilize blood sugar levels. Find EASE within daily meals through foods that reduce autoimmune symptoms (such as inflammation) and increase pregnancy-specific nutrients to promote a healthy, complication-FREE pregnancy. KEY for establishing LONG-TERM health for Mama & Baby!

Step 3

Optimize Daily Routine, Movement & Stress Management.

To ensure proper medication/insulin administration, hormone regulation, and nutrient absorption. Take action to incorporate movement throughout the week to promote pelvic floor health, strength, and well-being. Identify major stress factors, and establish clear boundaries. Work to decrease daily stress to promote a HEALTHY PREGNANCY (and birth) without complications.

Step 4

Prep for Birth & What to expect with Breastfeeding.

Preparation of the birthing plan and education on what to expect within the first hour of life in regards to infant nutrition. Understand hospital policies so that you are leading the birth in a way that feels right to you. Create an infant nutrition plan and establish goals for breastfeeding. Learn the ins and out of long-term breastfeeding - tips, tricks, possible obstacles, etc. Have you ever sat for a life-changing exam without studying? So WHY wouldn’t we study to prepare for birth and breastfeeding during pregnancy?

Step 5

Postpartum - Balance Hormones, Replenish Nutrient Stores, Heal, and Exclusive Breastfeeding.

Maternal Healing with T1D/autoimmune-friendly nutrition to promote faster recovery & increased energy levels. Regulate hormones and increase vital nutrients to replenish postpartum maternal nutrient stores. Establish milk supply while taking into account hormonal variation and medications/insulin administration with autoimmune diagnoses. Achieve a breastfeeding rhythm that works for Mama & Baby for long-term infant nutrition. After prepping your body nutritionally & physically ALL throughout pregnancy AND prepping for breastfeeding - this WILL be 100% EASIER!


  • You knew how to properly nourish yourself AND your growing baby while ALSO avoiding pregnancy and autoimmune symptoms in the process (through expert resources, support, and accountability)?

  • You could tell your doctors your maternal wishes CONFIDENTLY knowing you had an individualized support team that specializes in T1D/autoimmune pregnancies whom you could turn to, lean on, and trust?

  • You were able to minimize your risk of complications (including miscarriage, preterm delivery, large for gestational age, insulin resistance, high A1C etc.)...

  • that you could ENJOY your pregnancy rather than live in fear of T1D/autoimmune related health issues? 

  • Without increased overwhelm, anxiety, or stress-inducing pregnancy google searches?


I decided to apply for the protocol because I knew statistically I am at an increased chance for complications and I wanted to do everything in my power to reduce those risks. 

Before joining their program, I was afraid to act on my gut instinct. Now, I feel much more confident having discussions with my medical team about my preferences and advocating for my baby and myself. By the time questions arise with my endo or OB, I have long already discussed them through with MIkayla and Cassie. They help to put the power back in your hands, where sometimes as a Diabetic, it can feel you're at the mercy of the doctor's orders.  

The 1 on 1 support. Mikayla and Cassie truly care and are so passionate about what they do, and it really shows. They have all aspects of pregnancy covered such as the physical well-being, but also emotional and mental. They also have all parts covered too - the before, during and after. 

Cassie and Mikayla have the education, training, and experience to support you every step of the way. They are in your corner and truly listen. 

Nutrition is important for any pregnancy, but as a diabetic throw in balancing blood sugars with good nutrition when your body is undergoing constant changes and insulin resistance. It's a lot to balance, and Mikayla is a rockstar at helping you through it all. The same goes for breastfeeding with Cassie. She does a wonderful job preparing you and setting you up for success with something that is so important in taking care of your little one and starting off on the right foot. 

Be proactive with your health instead of reactive. It makes living with diabetes and life with a newborn so much easier, enjoyable, and well worth the investment. 


I joined Mamas Maternal Health because I knew I needed help during my pregnancy with Hashimoto's and Gestational Diabetes. I knew it would be hard to do it all on my own and these amazing ladies guided me the whole way through keeping me calm, connected and aware of my body and my autoimmune disease 

Before joining I was sick, confused, and overwhelmed with pregnancy and the thought of taking care of myself. I had no clue where to start to even try to feel better during pregnancy. Now I feel confident in my body, my team and with the help of Mikayla and Cassie, I now am going into birth and postpartum feeling ready.

The biggest impact from the 1:1 program was learning that I have to put myself first even more. I am important, just as important as my little baby growing. And that it takes a village to learn, be present and grow a baby.

JOIN NOW!! It is so worth the investment. They guided me through everything I needed during my pregnancy and more. They really helped calm me down, answer ALL of my questions and help me feel confident and connected to my body and baby.


Here’s how most Mamas with T1D TYPICALLY move forward with their pregnancy:

  • They look solely to their medical support team - who can be great, but rarely TRULY know how to help pregnant women with T1D and autoimmune diagnoses.

  • They are quick to add additional medications/westernized interventions INSTEAD of taking time to MAXIMIZE Mama’s nutrition and baseline prenatal health.

  • Instead of taking time to maximize their health WITHOUT the additional complications during their FIRST pregnancy... most Mamas don’t commit to outside pregnancy help without experiencing a prenatal complication FIRST HAND.

  • Common complications experienced include preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, preterm delivery/ miscarriage, difficulty breastfeeding, postpartum autoimmune flare-up, large for gestational age, insulin resistance, high A1C, etc....ultimately leaving Mama with regret of what ‘could have been' for both Mama and Baby.

  • They allow anxiety to overwhelm them with the fear that they THEMSELVES or THEIR baby will be harmed from pregnancy complications.

  • OR that their baby will ALSO be diagnosed with T1D (or another autoimmune condition due to the genetic connection behind autoimmune diseases) - and don't take action because they are stuck in their fear.

  • They attempt breastfeeding with minimal preparation and/or lactation support - and fail due to their lack of individualized support and advice - leaving them feeling like they let themselves, and more importantly, their baby, down.


  • Soon enough, these Mamas see negative health consequences in their pregnancy & postpartum and oftentimes, the feared autoimmune & T1D prophecies come true...

  • T1D & Autoimmune pregnancies are not created equal - which SUCKS - but is also the reality.

  • Knowing you could have ‘done more’ for your health & baby's health is soul-crushing….

But YOU don’t have to feel that pain.


Mamas Maternal Health is a Concierge Maternal Healthcare Program for women with Type 1 Diabetes and other Autoimmune Diagnoses. We work with women starting with their fertility journey all the way through to 6 months postpartum, and everything in between.

We offer a variety of services to help women get pregnant and stay pregnant while also avoiding complications during pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and postpartum. Our team is comprised of Registered Dietitians, Lactation Consultants/Counselors, and a Certified Health Coach who are dedicated to getting you the results you are looking for!



Co-owner and CEO of Mamas Maternal Health LLC.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with Masters Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics.

Certified Lactation Counselor.

Your go to Maternal Autoimmune & T1D Nutrition Specialist.



Co-owner and CEO of Mamas Maternal Health LLC.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with Masters Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics.

Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

Your go-to expert for Birth and Breastfeeding with T1D & Autoimmune.


Peer Mentor/Health Coach.

T1D & Autoimmune Diagnoses Peer Mentor for pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding

Past MMH concierge maternal health care client.

Certified Health Coach.

Your go-to T1D and autoimmune diagnosis peer support person in all MMH programs.


We put together the 'Concierge Maternity Healthcare Program' to give you access to Mikayla’s signature T1D/autoimmune nutrition methodology paired with pregnancy nutrition to promote a minimal symptom and COMPLICATION FREE PREGNANCY… 


Cassie’s signature methodology to succeed with breastfeeding and to reach optimal postpartum health as a T1D/autoimmune compromised woman that we have seen WORK time and time again.


We have found that our system works best for these 3 groups of people:


Pregnant Mamas with T1D/autoimmune diagnoses looking for expert support to help them do everything in their power to have a healthy, supported, complication-free pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding experience.


Pregnant Mamas who KNOW  there is still something PIVOTAL missing in their support system and are now ready to go ALL IN to promote the best maternal journey POSSIBLE.


Women with T1D/autoimmune diagnoses who are TTC (trying to conceive) and who KNOW they want expert support and accountability starting from the conception process.


We are BOTH credentialed Registered Dietitian Nutritionists with our Masters in Nutrition & Dietetics. We ALSO are BOTH Certified Lactation Counselors. We provide SCIENCE-BACKED support from the moment you join our program till you ‘graduate’ out. 

We have helped high-risk T1D Mamas have a healthy pregnancy, birth, postpartum, & succeed with breastfeeding through Nutrition & Lifestyle habits.

 We teach you Nutrition & Lifestyle lessons that will create LONG-TERM HEALTH for Mama & Baby.

We support you with calls every other week, as well as unlimited daily support

We are 100% results-driven - you get lifetime access to the material given. 

We care deeply for your inner fulfillment and purpose, Mom & Baby health, and holistic transformation.


- High-Touch Concierge Personalized Nutrition, Birth, Postpartum, and Breastfeeding support.

- Unlimited Zoom calls to connect, receive advice, learn, and set individualized goals.

- Monday-Friday 9am EST - 5pm EST unlimited messaging access (VOXER) with the MMH team (including peer mentor) - for expert accountability, support, and answers to your burning questions between calls.

- Lifelong access to given materials.

- Peace of mind knowing you and your baby are supported throughout the pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and breastfeeding journey.


Want to work together? Click the button below to fill out our application and book a discovery call with us. On the call, we’ll get to know you, ask some questions about your maternal journey, and learn about your goals.

At the end of our call, 1 of 2 things will happen: You’ll either be a perfect fit, and we will extend an invitation to work with us as one of our clients... 

Or, if it's not a good fit, that’s totally okay too. There won’t be any hard feelings and NO obligations on your part — we will suggest something else you can do to achieve your goals, and point you in the right direction.


We get it. We know it’s scary to invest in yourself and your baby… that being said, every single one of our most successful clients felt that way when they invested in the protocol.

Because they decided to bet on themselves, their health, and their baby's health, they experienced fewer pregnancy complications, met their goal A1Cs, gave birth to a healthy and happy baby, and were able to breastfeed to their goals (ex. 6 mo).

On top of that, they felt CONFIDENT in themselves as they transitioned to motherhood. They did not feel alone or isolated because they had the support they knew they needed. This may feel like a major leap of faith applying for this program, but we KNOW that you will see the results you are looking for.


“I’m not prepared to spend so much on myself.”

Would you second guess spending money on education? No. Why? Because you see it as a long-term investment to better your life. Would you second guess investing in your vehicle? No, because you need a mode of transportation. (unless you live in a city- but even then you are paying for public transportation). Would you second guess spending multiple thousands on your wedding day? No, because it is a social norm to go over the top on your wedding day since it is the day you have been dreaming about since you were little. 

What makes T1D specific pregnancy support any different? This time period is building the health foundation for your child which will last them a literal lifetime (not to mention it will also help you reduce your risk for complications during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum that could affect YOU for the rest of your life.) 

Don’t you want your child (and YOU) to have the absolute best health foundation POSSIBLE as they begin their life?

"You don’t have T1D, why would I hire you?"

Do you go to an endocrinologist because they have T1D? No. You trust their expertise and experience based on their patient’s results, their formal education, and their specialization. 

What is the difference when working with Mikayla and Cassie? Both are credentialed and licensed Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (with their Master’s in Nutrition and Dietetics) and both are Certified Lactation Counselors. Based on their client testimonials and results, the Type 1 Diabetes Pregnancy Protocol does not rely on personal experience, but our experience in the field of T1D along with the our knowledge of the science that will work for you and your pregnancy.

"I am not ready to commit to a program without looking at my options."

One of the reasons we created this protocol is because we know the benefits of the structure of the program, the information we give, and the support we provide. We also know first hand that a program like ours is NOT easy to come by, in fact, we have yet to see ANYTHING like it. 

You may be someone who is thinking about hiring individual professionals for each of your maternal needs. For example hiring a dietitian for your nutrition, a doula for birth prep, and a lactation counselor for breastfeeding support, etc..

While this may feel like a more affordable route, it actually typically costs MORE $$$, and there is NO continuity of care. Your dietitian doesn’t get to hear first hand about your breastfeeding journey, your lactation person doesn’t know your birth story, and your doula does not understand your insulin needs!

 This separation of care is less effective AND you do not receive the unlimited support you deserve (and need).

"I want to see how the hospital helps me before investing."

We have personal experience in multiple hospital/clinical settings. An unfortunate fact is that we created this program based on the lack of support we saw in those settings (hospital, clinical, etc.). 

While every hospital is different, we understand that the general maternal support programs specifically available in the United States are lacking these important components:

Individualized support for T1Ds: 

  • during pregnancy
  • with prep for birth
  • with prep for breastfeeding/breastfeeding support
  • with postpartum healing

"What if nothing bad happens in my pregnancy and this is a waste of my time and money? I don’t want to invest until I experience something ‘bad’ in my pregnancy (aka troubles with A1C or complications)."

Here’s the thing -- if you invest NOW, there is a HUGE chance that this ‘bad’ thing won’t ever even happen. Life (and HEALTH) is always so much better when we look at health proactively - and a T1D pregnancy is the SAME. 

If you wait until something ‘bad’ happens, it may be too late to reverse the negative health consequences experienced by you and your baby - and this is NOT what you want, nor what we want for you. 

The earlier we invest in our maternal journey, the better chances we have at managing our A1C, avoiding pregnancy complications, having a healthy birth, avoiding postpartum complications, and successfully breastfeeding. 

There are indeed higher risks for complications during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum with T1D -  therefore, working to reduce any risks for you and your baby is WELL worth the investment. 

Living with good health and working to lay an incredible health foundation for your baby is PRICELESS. This is not a gift you can ever go back and give, it is here and now.

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