A 90-day program to prepare your body for getting pregnant, staying pregnant, and avoiding complications with T1D & autoimmune diagnoses with experts that care.



A 90-day program to prepare your body for getting pregnant, staying pregnant, and avoiding complications with T1D and autoimmune diagnoses with experts that care.


“This program has given me excitement and confidence in taking the next step... Grateful for the opportunity to be part of the group and that I took the leap and did this for myself.”

- Rachel

“I have been on this journey for over a year, and I just appreciate you sitting down with me one on one and actually asking me questions about myself, what works for me, and what my struggles were. When I’ve sat down one on one with other people, they didn’t ask anything about me, it was just one size fits all.”

- Amanda

“Grateful for the knowledge and support I’ve gotten so far, it has been awesome... It opened my mind to understanding that it doesn’t have to be so hard”

- Em


A healthy, stress-free fertility and pregnancy journey, but there is at least one major obstacle that keeps your dream just beyond reach

Read these questions to count how many apply to YOU.

  • Do you constantly feel like you have no idea what you’re doing while trying to conceive with T1D and autoimmune diagnoses, so you remain in a constant state of anxiety and stress rather than enjoying the process?

  • Does your daily battle towards a better A1C never seem to end? - Are your glucose readings just NOT where you want them to be - and are they stopping you from feeling confident about beginning your maternal journey?

  • Do you get paralyzed by the fear of fertility and pregnancy complications, creating self-doubt, which just makes everything harder?

  • Are you overwhelmed by the thought of fertility, taking all the fun RIGHT out of it (which affects you and your relationship with your partner)?

  • Do you always seem to feel like you are letting yourself down in some way, not having the blood sugars you want, over stressing about autoimmune fertility and pregnancy - knowing that this stress is only increasing your chances for complications - leading you to an emotional spiral? Do you end up feeling like you are not enough?

If you answered YES to one or more of the above questions, you owe it to yourself to:


The first step is to understand your

  • We define this mindset as acting RE- actively vs PRO- actively as a woman with T1D/Autoimmune Diagnoses.

  • This mindset is a way of thinking about your fertility journey and how YOU and your diagnosis fits into it. Most women with autoimmune diagnoses struggling with fertility or beginning their maternal journey think in a way that sets them up for increased obstacles and struggles along the way.

  • This mindset puts women who are just like you onto a path of frustration, struggle, and hardship from the start.

  • It causes a lot of pain, irritation, and wasted energy along the way. 

  • It’s what keeps you stressed, anxious, and overwhelmed when thinking about possible complications in your fertility journey. 

  • It’s what causes those internal and external emotional meltdowns that lead you to ask, “Can I even do this with T1 diabetes and/or autoimmune diagnoses?”, “Isn’t the fertility journey supposed to FUN with my partner? All I can think of is possible complications!”

  • It’s what leads to all your fertility and conception stress. Consumed with the overwhelm that comes with the unknowns of the maternal journey... unable to enjoy time with your partner due to your diagnosis concerns.


What keeps you in a state of pure overwhelm. You are being reactive instead of proactive.

And we certainly do not have to tell you that this is NOT going to work, nor is it a long-term plan for success in your fertility journey.

If this resonates with you, DO NOT BE ASHAMED! IT IS NOT YOUR FAULT.




We know that every meal seems like a battlefield wondering how it will affect your glucose levels or autoimmune symptoms .

We know you’re always tip-toeing around your diagnosis because managing autoimmune diagnoses is HARD.

You are also having a hard time loving yourself throughout the fertility process. 

This creates a chronic state of stress, a lack of self-love and appreciation, and a lack of confidence about becoming a Mama one day. You feel skeptical that your body can even conceive; forget the ‘being a Mom’ part!

This stress negatively impacts your diagnosis symptoms (such as blood sugar levels, hormone related symptoms, etc) because we know stress IS just as impactful as diet. This leads to a never-ending cycle of difficulty with your diagnosis and fertility. 

Acting from a 'fight or flight mindset' will leave your goal A1C & controlled autoimmune symptom just out of reach. It can even increase your chances for complications AFTER conception (during pregnancy). You are left feeling incapable and with a nagging feeling that you are ‘not enough.’

If conceiving with T1D and/or autoimmune diagnoses without stress or anxiety seems “unrealistic” or just a “silly dream for people with a working body”- it's time to lose your fight or flight fertility mindset.


Women who are struggling with their fertility think very differently than women who are healthy, successful, and supported in their T1D &/or Autoimmune fertility journey.

Struggling women think investing in their health is not a priority.

Healthy, successful, and supported women with T1D and/or autoimmune diagnoses think the investment is an absolute non-negotiable.

Struggling women think they need to ‘do it on their own’ first before asking for help.

Healthy, successful, and supported women with act proactively (vs. reactively).

Struggling women are terrified of ‘failing’ and losing their sense of control.

Healthy, successful, and supported women welcome failure throughout their journey, knowing that it is short-lived, a part of the process, and, at the core level, a learning experience.

Struggling women are constantly feeling pressured and controlled by their diagnoses.

Healthy, successful, and supported women understand that THEY are the leader of their own life, and that includes their fertility journey as a woman with T1D and/or autoimmune diagnoses.

Struggling women are constantly searching for solutions, answers, and guidance (hello, Dr. Google) which leads them spinning in circles and leaving them more confused than ever.

Healthy, successful, and supported women KNOW who their expert support system is from the start, which takes away the horrible feeling of being constantly on the lookout for reliable and trusted information.



They don’t follow the ‘rules for 'socially accepted cookie-cutter' fertility & pregnancy support. They know what they NEED, and they get it. 

They are life-long learners. And they don’t let their circumstances/diagnoses dictate what's possible for them in their maternal journey. 

When you kick the fight or flight mindset to the curb and start thinking like a healthy, successful, and supported woman in your fertility journey, you will gain MASSIVE clarity on what you need to do to conceive with a rock solid health foundation that will last you all the way through to postpartum. It will ALSO help you avoid pregnancy, birth, and postpartum complications along the way. 

You’ll be able to focus your attention on what’s truly important; your health, growing your family, your relationships, what you enjoy in life, and ultimately getting (and staying) PREGNANT! 

You’ll feel better than you had ever thought possible as a woman in her autoimmune fertility journey.



A 90-day program to prepare your body for getting pregnant, staying pregnant, and avoiding complications with T1D & autoimmune diagnoses with experts that care.




Learn EXACTLY how T1D and autoimmune diagnoses impact your fertility journey

Understand the key differences that come with T1D/autoimmune fertility. Develop awareness regarding nutrition, movement, lifestyle, stress, and mindset needs. Decide your #1 intention for our time spent together in this program.


Master your mindset and stress levels for a successful & healthy T1D/autoimmune fertility journey

Figure out your WHY. Understand the impact of trauma (generational and individual) and how it affects fertility with an autoimmune diagnosis. Clear lingering limiting beliefs, known or unknown, surrounding fertility and your diagnosis. Set boundaries to minimize harmful stress. Begin to look at intimacy with your partner as PLAY, rather than a means to an end.


Build a balanced plate to regulate blood sugars and to prepare the body for conception

Learn HOW to truly build a balanced plate and implement it! You may think you know, but do you really? And are you implementing it? In this module, we will begin sending you 2 balanced meal plans/recipes per week so you can build your bank of ideas.


Incorporate specific foods & nutrients to assist in T1D/autoimmune conception

Learn what vitamins and minerals are imperative to healthy conception so that you can get pregnant and ‘stay pregnant’ while avoiding possible compilations along the way. Understand the importance of gut health and its impact on your fertility journey. Clear the confusion regarding prenatal vitamins.


Create a ‘2-week Meal Plan’ implementing what you’ve learned

It’s time to put everything you have learned into PRACTICE. Together we will create a two-week ‘duplicatable’ meal plan that fits your lifestyle and will be able to effortlessly enhance your eating habits. You will be able to use this outline and guide to map out the rest of your fertility journey in terms of meal prep to promote a healthy conception and pregnancy long term.


Tracking your cycle for ovulation

Learn how to track your cycle for ovulation as a woman with T1D/autoimmune diagnoses. Because you already have to worry about tracking your own glucose numbers and A1C, we are making this module as EASY to understand as possible so it does not add stress to your fertility journey and it feels like something you can actually do!



The “NOW WHAT?” Module

After you get a positive pregnancy test, when should you tell the doctor? When should you tell your friends and family? When do you need to get your birthing plan ready? We’ll cover questions like these so you’ll know your course of action AS SOON as you get your positive pregnancy test.

Other Fertility Options for T1Ds

When you haven’t received a positive pregnancy test OR you have not had a full term pregnancy without loss. This module will cover what you can do to assist fertility with T1D/autoimmune diagnoses if what you’re currently doing is just not doing the trick. We'll also clear up some fertility Myths so you don't have to guess what are real tricks vs bologna!


Need-to-know(s) for your partner.

Let your partner watch this one! Understand what vitamins/minerals/nutrients and lifestyle factors are crucial for sperm health. Touch on intimacy; how fun still needs to be a part of the equation in a seemingly stressful time.


  • Access to our 90-Day Program, the Fertility Framework, and its included modules and recorded group calls via Teachable. 
  • 8 Group Coaching/Implementation calls
  • Mon - Fri 9 am EST - 5 pm EST Unlimited group messaging access via SLACK. 
  • One 90 min 1:1 call with Cassie & Mikayla to map out your individualized fertility plan.
  • Access to T1D Peer Counselor and Health Coach for SLACK Messaging and unlimited support calls 
  • $1,000.00 towards our signature 1:1 program, the Concierge Maternal Health Care Program.
  • *NEW* UPGRADE OPTION: 1 WEEK PARTNER INTENSIVE during the course of the program (One 90 min call with MMH & 1 week of unlimited VOXER messaging access to maximize your partner's fertility health).


"My endo appt went well this morning! My A1C was 4.7, down from 4.9 last visit! Thank you, you have been an invaluable resource for me through this journey so far!"

"Nutrition is important for any pregnancy, but as a diabetic, you throw in having to balance blood sugars with good nutrition, all while your body is undergoing constant changes and insulin resistance. They are rockstars at helping you through it all."

I was tired of the one size fits all plan because it wasn’t working for me and I felt like a failure. So thank you for helping me and taking that off my back”

"Started getting my Diabetes well under control at least 6 months before TTC, and then still took a while for us to get pregnant.

Well worth it because A1C was down to 5.1 at conception. So much peace of mind knowing babe wasn't conceived with my health out of control"



How long is this program?

This is a 90-day program. Our first call is November 4th. Our last call is January 30th. There will be no calls on holidays to avoid schedule conflicts.

What if I miss a call or get behind on the modules?

If you miss any of the group calls, you will have access to recordings within Teachable so you don’t feel like you’ve missed a thing! If you find yourself getting behind with the modules, we urge you to continue to go to group calls so that you stay accountable to your goals as well as your learning.

I’ve already been trying for X months, can I still be in the program?

Absolutely! This program will only expand your ‘fertility toolbox’ so you can further assist your body in conception. In fact, we URGE you to be in the program if you have already been trying for some time now.

I haven't been cleared to begin TTC yet, can I still be in the program?

Yes! Again, we WANT you to be in this program if you have not yet been cleared for TTC. Why? Because when you DO get cleared for TTC, your nutrition and wellness will be exactly where it needs to be to have a healthy conception. You will also already have an abundance of knowledge regarding TTC so that when your time to begin TTC begins - you are AHEAD of the game.  

What happens if I get pregnant during the program?

Every woman and her body is different, so there is a very real chance that some women will get a positive pregnancy test during this program. If this is you, we will celebrate with you!

Due to your participation within the T1D Fertility Framework, you will be eligible for a $1,000.00 discount on 1:1 coaching with us through our signature program, the Type 1 Diabetes Pregnancy Protocol. You can apply for this protocol at any time during (or after) the Fertility Framework. We look forward to supporting you as you prepare to have a baby and become an incredible Mama.  

This sounds overwhelming, how much time will this program take to implement?

If the 90 Day Fertility Framework sounds overwhelming, it may be because you feel overwhelmed in your current approach to fertility with T1D/autoimmune diagnoses. And you are trying to imagine how you will add this program to what you’re doing NOW. The Fertility Framework will nullify the anxiety and overwhelm for you. It’s a step by step system designed to give you weekly action steps to focus on and the clarity you have been craving. 

Every week, you will have clear action steps to follow, so you don’t have to spend more time guessing and hoping you’re doing the right things. Also, you have LIFETIME ACCESS to the modules. So, if you can commit to a couple of hours per week to the trainings, you can begin to see growth and results in your fertility journey immediately.

"You don’t have T1D, why would I hire you?"

Do you go to an endocrinologist because they have T1D? No. You trust their expertise and experience based on their patient’s results, their formal education, and their specialization. 

What is the difference when working with Mikayla and Cassie? Both are credentialed and licensed Registered Dietitian Nutritionists (with their Master’s in Nutrition and Dietetics) and both are Certified Lactation Counselors. Based on their client testimonials and results, the T1D Fertility Framework does not rely on personal experience, but our experience in the field of T1D along with our knowledge of the science that will work for you and your pregnancy.

We also have recently added a Peer Counselor to this program who has gone through this journey with T1D and Hashimotos herself. She will be there along the way to give you her perspective and knowledge as well.

What happens if I don’t get pregnant?

As much as we’d love to be able to grant every woman a baby, this program does not guarantee a positive pregnancy test. This program prepares your body for pregnancy through nutrition, exercise, mindset, and lifestyle habits. Every woman’s body is different and some may need a little bit more support to achieve a full term pregnancy. 

Not only is there a closing module at the end of the Fertility Framework that explains support options if you still have not received a positive pregnancy test- but if by the end of the program, you are looking for increased 1:1 support from us, you are welcome to apply for our signature program, our Concierge Maternal Health Care Program that offers UNLIMITED 1:1 support.  

I don't have T1D, can I still do this program?

You sure can. Although this program is specifically created for T1D’s, all women (especially women with autoimmune diagnoses) will benefit from this program in regards to putting your nutrition, health, and wellness as the priority in your fertility journey.    


Mamas Maternal Health is a Concierge Maternal Healthcare Program for women with Type 1 Diabetes and other Autoimmune Diagnoses. We work with women starting with their fertility journey all the way through to 6 months postpartum, and everything in between.

We offer a variety of services to help women get pregnant and stay pregnant while also avoiding complications during pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and postpartum. Our team is comprised of Registered Dietitians, Lactation Consultants/Counselors, and a Certified Health Coach who are dedicated to getting you the results you are looking for. ng for!


Co-owner and CEO of Mamas Maternal Health LLC.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with Masters Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics.

Certified Lactation Counselor.

Your go to Maternal Autoimmune & T1D Nutrition Specialist.


Co-owner and CEO of Mamas Maternal Health LLC.

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with Masters Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics.

Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

Your go-to expert for Birth and Breastfeeding.


Peer Mentor/Health Coach.

T1D & Autoimmune Diagnoses Peer Mentor for pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding

Past MMH concierge maternal health care client.

Certified Health Coach.

Your go-to T1D and autoimmune diagnosis peer support person in all MMH programs.